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We Have The Most Sought After and Extensive Line of Albums, Folios, Folders, Thank You Cards and Plaques!!! These Choices are Only Popular Choices. We Always Customize to Suit YOUR Particular liking.

We Encourage Individually and Uniqueness.






EL EXPRESSO: By Extremely Popular DEMAND. 5 Hours to photograph your Ceremony, Formal & Casual Poses. You receive a beautiful Album for your proofs & all of your Negatives. When you build your albums you will be assisted through completion.  $1569.00







THE BARE NECESSITIES: Save HUNDREDS TO THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS with this "Assemble It Yourself" Series. All of the photographic work for your affair is performed by us. You have the joy of performing the finishing touches. This series includes an entire day of photographing everyone & everything you want, need & desire. All of your proofs are arranged in "day order" and placed in a beautiful display album. You receive All of YOUR Negatives. You will be assisted in every step through completion. $1949.00






THE BRIDE'S DELIGHT: This series includes an entire day of photography. All of your proofs arranged in a beautiful album, with 28, 8X10 Enlargements in a beautiful leather album, four additional 8X10's, Two 5X7 photographs in Two separate Folios and up to 100 Thank You Card Photographs. You receive All of YOUR Negatives. $2899.00






THE REAL DEAL: This series is comprised of an entire day of photography arranging all of your proofs in a beautiful album. Additionally there are 40, 8X10's in your Main Album & 12, 5X7's for the Brides' parents and the same for the Grooms' parents. All in Genuine Leather with up to 100 Thank You Card Photographs & one 11X14 Portrait & all Negatives $3795.00




DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER: Of course you have our undivided attention for your entire day. All your proofs are in "day order" in a beautiful album. There are 50 8X10's for your Main Album & 20 5X7's in two  Parents albums, all of Genuine Leather. Also there are four, 3-photo 5X7 Folios for your desk, dresser or wherever you choose & Up to 100 thank You Card Photographs as well as one 16X20 portrait. $4199.00



Payment Terms Have Been Created with You in Mind.

  • There are NO HIDDEN CHARGES! You know your total bill the day you select your package options.

DEPOSIT - A simple 30% deposit will reserve your requested date.

Two weeks prior to your photo date an additional 30% deposit will be required. This cost is applied for the use of film and development of proofs.

FINAL PAYMENT - We do not require final payment on your "big day" (one less thing to worry about). Final payment will be due upon the completion of all photo proofs, prints or packages as you have selected.


Or call us Toll Free at 800 289-7499


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